NDPSA Divisions – Emergency Management

Nevada Division of Emergency Management

Nevada’s Division of Emergency Management (NDEM) is a division of the Department of Public Safety, NDEM Operates under the authority of NRS 414

Staff in on call 24-hours a day to assist local and tribal authorities in response to emergencies. In addition, they staff the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) when a disaster or emergency threatens, as well as prior to and during large scale events.

Depending on the incident, when the SEOC is activated, it is staffed by NDEM and representatives from the appropriate state agencies, volunteer, with responsibility for disaster response efforts.

The day-to-day responsibilities of emergency management are carried out by the agency’s sections:

  • Administrative- Budgets, Fiscal accounting, personnel, payroll and other support functions.
  • Grants Management- Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP) funding, Emergency
  • Management Planning Grant (EMPG) funding, Department of Energy (DOE) funding and Waste Isolation/Project Plant (WIPP) funding.
  • Operations & Planning – Statewide planning, operations support and communications.
  • Training and Exercise- Training, anti-terrorism planning, critical infrastructure analysis.
  • Response & Recovery Section- Hazard Mitigation – Hazard analysis and risk assessment, and grants. Public Assistance – Mutual aid, coordination of financial assistance for state of emergencies and Presidential declarations.
  • State Emergency Operations Center – Only activated when local capabilities are overwhelmed.