On November 8th, 1974, unknown to world at that time a Hero was born.

And on Feb. 25, 2008 in a tragic accident, that Hero was taken from us all.

Kara was everything that you would want your hero to be. She was thoughtful, caring, compassionate, loyal, strong, steadfast, humble, loving and ever-giving.

I was one of the lucky ones who knew Kara. I knew Kara as a little sister, watched her battle on the softball field as a fierce pitcher and third baseman.

I watched her grow into a wonderful daughter and sister, a sister to my wife and an Aunt to my daughters.

I got to witness her as a beautiful bride on her wedding day. I knew Kara as the loving wife to her husband Dirk and the amazing mother to her daughters Ashlyn and Blair.

I knew Kara as Police Officer and a Co-worker. Not very many brothers’ get to work with their sister, especially in Law Enforcement. I got to hear the stories from her co-workers from Parole and Probation and the Nevada Highway Patrol.

If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Kara, you are a better person because of it.

I will ask all of you this, remember Kara as a loving daughter, devoted and loved wife, an exceptional mother, and irreplaceable sister, and a caring friend.

When you see my daughters and especially my nieces, Ashlyn and Blair, please don’t cry for them. Tell them what a wonderful woman Kara was. Tell them one of the many stories you have about Kara. By doing this Kara will live forever as all Heros do.

In loving memory,

Trooper Chris Kelly